Stem Cell Therapy Cost & Financing

Cost and Financing


Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy procedures are alternatives to intrusive orthopedic surgeries and joint substitutions that are:


  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Non-surgical
  • Office-based
  • Natural




One of the common inquiries that many individuals ask is “how much do Stem Cell Therapy procedures cost?”


These procedures are not secured by health insurance plans. In any case, with financing, numerous patients can recover and be treated for a minimum investment. There are a variety of various financing options available, and we can help you locate the best one for you.


The total cost will rely on upon the:


  • How long you have had this problem,
  • Severity and extent of your medical condition,
  • Number of joints/zones that should be dealt with, and
  • How many types of cells are necessary to achieve the results you desire


Every patient’s medical requirement is exceptional and all our procedures are individualized only for you. Therefore, a consultation with the doctor is needed to choose the best treatment choice (and correct cost) for you.


Cost Guidelines:


All Procedures are individualized and cost listed here are only guidelines.


  • Cost for your procedure must be determined after your consultation.
  • PRP procedures begin at $650 per joint and $1,500 for larger joints. Extra joints done at same session cost only $500 to $850 each.
  • Stem Cell Procedures start at $2,900 and depends on the level of degeneration of the joint.
  • Stem Cell Procedures for extra joints treated cost $1,500 to $2,500 each.


The initial consultation with the doctor is complimentary, so you don’t have anything to lose.


Call today to find out if you are a candidate for these procedures and your exact costs.


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Stem Cell Therapy

A hassle-free and easy alternative option to expensive and sometimes dangerous orthopedic surgical procedures which also require lengthy recovery times.
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