Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy Safety & Efficacy

Does Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy Work?

Many patients find that the Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy offer a hassle-free and easy alternative option to expensive and sometimes dangerous orthopedic surgical procedures which also require lengthy recovery times.

Perhaps you are already familiar with the terms Platelet Rich Plasma, Adult Stem Cells (derived from your own body) surgeries and Regenerative Medicine. These procedures are regularly utilized by athletes from the famous NBA PGA tours, MLB. clubs and in orthopedic disorders for providing a speedier recovery with raised mobility compared to conventional surgical procedures.

The news of its efficacy has taken the world by storm. Many athletes and VIPs like Tiger Woods, Yankees player Bartolo Colon, Oakland Athletics Brett Anderson, NBA’s player Wesley Matthews and NFL player Peyton Manning have tried the Rich Platelet Plasma and Adult Stem Cell treatments. In fact, NFL player LaRon Landry had noticed that PRP treatment has improved his damaged tendon so impressively that he also followed the same treatment in his damaged hamstring and shoulder area. Players Brandon Banks and Chris Cooley have also tried PRP treatments for their knees conditions.

A huge amount of evidence shows the health improvement action of Regenerative Medicine in helping numerous muscle and bone disorders such as joint issues, cartilage, tendon, and ligament problems or injuries. Refer to the research and links section to find out extra info regarding these alternative methods.

Is Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy Safe?

The safety of the above treatments has been confirmed based on personal experience and evidence. Following an extensive medical assessment, the doctor will evaluate if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Because your own cells are utilized, your system will not flag these as foreign intruders.

The side effects of these treatments are minimal. For example, you may feel a mild discomfort for a few days following the treatment. The risk of infection is minimal and rare. Both PRP and Adult Stem Cell treatments are deemed as alternative options to help with the pain as opposed to surgery which may improve the condition a little but also make matters worse. Additionally, there is no turning back once you get a surgery.

These alternative methods won’t worsen your existing problems provided that the doctor that does it is fully experienced and skilled.

Typically, the patient can go back to his daily activities next day, depending on the treatment area and the amount of physical activity required.

Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy procedures are a non-complex and non-invasive alternative treatment option for patients that want to avoid the costs and risks of challenging surgery that also requires a lengthy recovery period.

Patients that experience sore joints, athletic injuries, tendon injuries, sprained ligaments, or muscle problems and other similar conditions can now ease their worries in the knowledge that there are safer and less costly treatment options in place of surgery. Speedier recovery and improved mobility can be achieved with modern and ground-breaking adult stem cells and PRP procedures.


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Stem Cell Therapy

A hassle-free and easy alternative option to expensive and sometimes dangerous orthopedic surgical procedures which also require lengthy recovery times.
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